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Bernadette Wolfe – Personal Injury Case Manager

Bernadette Wolfe, Personal Injury Case Manager

Bernadette is a native of Northern California. In 1980 she moved to Florida, got married and has four grown children, a son-in-law and two beautiful granddaughters. Bernadette and her husband Dr. Wolfe move to Nashville, TN in 2010 after selling their chiropractic practice in Florida. Once in Nashville and after speaking with several area chiropractors, she quickly realized the need for personal injury knowledge in the profession

After this realization and having over 35 years of experience working with attorneys, claims adjusters, doctor and injured parties such as you, BMW Case Management was born. BMW is an independent company contracted by Dr. Dohnal to handle your file if you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle, workers comp or slip and fall accident. BMW will assist you through the process and will be available to answer any questions or concerns about your treatment, medical claims and/or settlement so that you will be educated on how the whole process works.

Once you have completed your appointment with Dr. Dohnal, the front desk staff will give you a business card for BMW. Please call BMW to confirm that we have all the information necessary to manage your case.

Please feel free to contact BMW at any time with questions regarding your case.
BMW Case Management
Bernadette Wolfe
(727) 505-1727 (cell) (text friendly)

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