Sports Injury Treatment in Nashville

Knee Pain in Nashville TN

Do you save your weekend time to live an active lifestyle?
Many of our patients come to us experiencing problems they have due to their hobbies. We’re here to get you back to what you enjoy doing. Whether you’re a teenage athlete in Nashville participating in a sport or doing triathlons at age 75 as one of our patients is, we can get your body moving correctly again. We help all levels of athletes, including players for the Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators and people who like playing a sport or running in their spare time.

Get Back to Doing What You Love
You’ll go through the same first visit process as a regular new patient. Once we figure out what movement pattern isn’t working correctly, we use chiropractic care combined with functional rehabilitation to help you get back in the game. Various therapies may be used to help you heal faster. We’ll reassess your condition periodically, making any changes to your treatment plan as needed.

Protect Your Injury With Rock Tape
You might play softball, tennis, golf or be a triathlete that is experiencing pain or wants to improve their performance. One of the options we have to help you is a type of Kinesio® Tape called Rock Tape. Dr. Dohnal is certified in this type of taping, which lifts skin and reduces inflammation and swelling.

We can do a movement taping pattern, where you’ll move in a certain direction, then have the tape applied. This method helps enhance and protect joints in the position you’re having trouble with, whether it be while lifting an arm or shoulder or while you’re in a running stance to help your knee.

Rock Tape will help you get out and perform your activity without pain. We’ll complete chiropractic care and rehabilitation as part of your care plan, alongside this complementary therapy.

Take advantage of our new patient special. For $40 you’ll receive a thorough examination, X-rays and your first treatment. Book your time today!


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