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About Us

Dr. Christopher Dohnal has been serving Nashville with personalized plans to help you meet your health goals since 2005.

Dohnal ChiropracticOur office operates on a philosophy of helping every person that walks through our door, tailoring health care to what you need using several different services we have available to you. Everything is based on what works for you; we will reassess and make the necessary changes as we continue.

Pain-free Living for All

We provide chiropractic care for everyone, from infants to grandparents. Our main areas of focus are families, wellness and pain relief care.

We hope that each of our patients can enjoy a better quality of life, free from pain. You shouldn’t have to live with limitations, feeling like you can’t do what you want because your body isn’t functioning well. Whether you want to get back to your golf game, crochet, run a triathlon or even sit on the couch without pain, we’ll specify our treatment to your objectives.


A Dohnal Chiropractic Success Story

One of our patients was suffering from migraine headaches for 10 years. The medical doctors wanted to do injections at the base of her head to relieve her pain. Instead of resorting to this drastic option, she came to our office. After two months of treatment, she was migraine-free. She’s now been a patient for seven years and sees us for regular wellness checkups to make sure her migraines never return.

Medicare is accepted. Contact our practice today to book your time!

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