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Are you looking for a chiropractor in Nashville? Choosing a health care provider is a big decision. At Dohnal Chiropractic located at 6005 Nolensville Pike #205 in Nashville TN we believe that education is a big part of our patients success. This article about from our Nashville chiropractors will give you some of the basic knowledge you need to understand what we can do for you. This entire website is dedicated to helping the people of Nashville understand the full scope of what our team can do.

Increase Your Quality of Life

You might have thought that you wouldn’t be able to lift your grandchild again, that your golf game was over or that you’d never be able to run a triathlon or walk a 5k because you’ve been suffering. You may have thought the pain would never go away. We’re here to tell you that we’ve helped countless people in similar situations recover their health and live actively again.

You’ll achieve the best function your body is capable of without the use of medications or surgery!

Health Benefits of Chiropractic Care at Dohnal Chiropractic

Optimize Healing With K-Laser

As another effective tool in our healing and pain relief toolbox, K-Laser Therapy is a safe, noninvasive and pain-free way to increase circulation to the body and accelerate healing. We are able to help a variety of conditions with this drugless, state-of-the-art therapy.

Experience a Tailored Plan for Health

Our attention to detail starts on the first visit with a three-part assessment utilizing various tests to figure out what’s causing your pain. Then, we’ll create a customized plan that works for your needs and goals, using the services we have available as appropriate. You’ll have the one-on-one time you need with Dr. Dohnal to start healing, enjoying a better quality of life.

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Chiropractic – Scientifically Explained

If you are looking for a scientific explanation of how we achieve the results we do, this paragraph is for you. A concise scientific explanation of chiropractic is that adjustments directly affect musculoskeletal structures by reducing pain and increasing joint motion.

Musculoskeletal structures include ligaments, muscles, joints, joint capsules, and surrounding myofascial tissues. Aside from this direct benefit, the autonomic nervous system is indirectly affected by the down regulation of the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight system), and promotion of the para-sympathetic nervous system (rest and repair system).

This is done through the effect that chiropractic adjustments have on joint capsules and the body’s proprioception mechanism (sense of where one is in space), through the mechanoreceptors (provide information regarding mechanical changes within the body), in the joints and periarticular tissues (tissue surrounding the joint).

What is Chiropractic in General?

Chiropractic is a profession within the health care field that deals with the neuro-musculoskeletal system of the human body. A chiropractor will diagnose, as well as help prevent, injuries and disorders of the nerves, muscles, and bones. While we will diagnose and treat these resultant injuries and disorders, the main objective is the removal of nerve interference allowing the body to heal itself without invasive procedures and/or drugs.

As would be the case with any other field of care, our patients at Dohnal Chiropractic receive a thorough consultation including history and examination of their major complaint. After considering possible causes of the patients’ condition a diagnosis is established and a treatment plan is created.

Most patients don’t realize how much schooling chiropractors have to go through before they can start practicing? Chiropractors are held to some of the most intense educational requirements of any health profession.