Chiropractic Testimonials

"I like that I was given a plan toward getting better. Not just generic explanations. Very detailed explanations were provided and pdf files of the exercises I need to do to help me get better."

- Allison L.

"So often in these times, I go to a physician and feel rushed through my appointment but not with Dr. Dohnal. I am the kind of patient that wants detailed explanations and wants to see anatomy images and understand my treatment or issues as much as possible and Dr. Dohnal took that time with me. I also like the fact that he did not try to book me in for more appointments than I truly need. He also took the time to listen to me in depth of every ache, pain etc. and what my thoughts are on where the pain might be coming from. So many doctors these days don’t have that most important skill when they are dealing with a patient to listen and thoughtfully respond."

- Kathy A.

"I consider Dr. Donhal an answered prayer! I was always skeptical of chiropractic services until I experienced it for myself. Dr. Donhal listened to me like no other professional has and he believed what I was saying. He has called me by name and I already feel after only a short time as his patient that he is a personal friend in addition to a caregiver.

I am very thankful to have Dr. Donhal in my life. Barbara is pretty awesome too! She is the most genuine front of the house personality I’ve ever encountered. These are just good folks!"

- Katie S.

"Had I met and spoken with Dr. Chris Dohnal in a totally different setting, not knowing his exact profession, I would have easily believed that he is an extremely competent and caring M.D., a neurologist. I, myself, have visited the practices of over a half dozen actual neurologists, therefore I speak from real-life experiences. I highly recommend Dr. Dohnal. I truly know he is a credit to his profession, not only in the chiropractic field, but in the entire medical profession as a whole."

- Tim C.

"Dr. Dohnal and Barbara are super sweet people! I have been coming here off and on as needed for about a year now. Dr. Dohnal is very helpful with helping to alleviate my neck and back pain.

I would definitely recommend him to others for any neck or back pain they may have."

- Brandi P.

"Dr. Dohnal is a caring and experienced practitioner. My first visit, I was in miserable pain and he got me in that morning. He fixed the problem I was having then and has continued to work with me so that I’m in optimal health. Definitely a chiropractor I would recommend to anyone!"

- Zaia T.

"Best chiropractor I’ve ever been to!"

- Lauren P.

"Great start to dealing with my back pain. Dr. Dohnal took the time to listen to my history and put together a plan for my recovery."

- Martie S.

"Dr. Dohnal and his staff have been just great. My pain is reduced and I’m excited to have found such a great Chiropractor so close to my home. Thanks, Dr. D!"

- Jean C.

"I highly recommend Dr. Dohnal. I truly know he is a credit to his profession, not only in the chiropractic field but in the entire medical profession as a whole."

- Tim C.

"Dr. Dohnal is awesome!"

- Jim B.

"Chiropractic really helps me to stay active, thanks Dr. Dohnal!"

- Robert S.


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