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Chiropractic Care

back adjustmentChiropractic is natural, holistic health care that helps your nervous system get healthy and stay that way. At Dohnal Chiropractic, we believe in the power of chiropractic care to enhance your well-being and optimize your body’s function.

New to Chiropractic?

If this is your first time experiencing chiropractic care, imagine your spine as the central pillar of your body, supporting and protecting the delicate nerves that branch out to every corner of your body. Now, picture a misalignment disrupting this vital structure, hindering the flow of communication between your brain and body. Correcting this misalignment, known as a subluxation, is where chiropractic care steps in.

Dr. Chris identifies and corrects these subluxations using a variety of methods tailored to your specific needs. Just as dentists have different tools for dental issues, we employ various adjustment techniques, including Diversified, Thompson Drop, Cox Flexion Distraction, and Activator®, to realign your spine and restore optimal movement.

Skilled and Compassionate Family Care

Chiropractic care isn’t just for back pain; it’s a holistic approach to wellness that addresses a wide range of conditions. From sports injuries and headaches to sciatica and disc issues, our practice is well-equipped to help you find relief and regain control of your health.

We provide specialized care for pregnant women, children, seniors, and individuals recovering from auto accidents, ensuring everyone in your family receives the attention they deserve.

Everything you need is under one roof! Our adjunct services take your care to the next level, including—

  • Orthotics
  • Rehabilitation care
  • Supplements to boost your overall nutrition.

photo of our treatment area

Solutions to Enhance Your Healing Journey

At our practice, we offer spinal decompression, one of the most effective therapies for herniated or bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, and other vertebral issues. We’re one of the only clinics in our area that offer this revolutionary non-invasive method to relieve pain from inflamed or compressed spinal nerves. Our patients have seen great results from this modality.

We know each patient is unique and treat their needs and goals the same. That’s why we create custom care plans that optimize your body’s function and maximize your quality of life. Whether it takes weeks or months to achieve pain-free living, we’ll be by your side, customizing every aspect of your care to ensure lasting results.

How to Maintain Optimal Health and Wellness

Our commitment to your well-being doesn’t end when your symptoms subside. Many of our patients choose to continue with maintenance care to preserve their newfound vitality and prevent future issues.

Whether you prefer weekly visits or less frequent check-ins, our team will work with you to establish a maintenance schedule that suits your lifestyle and keeps you feeling your best.

Isn’t It Time to Elevate Your Health?

If you’re new to chiropractic, now’s a great time to experience its many benefits. We invite you to take advantage of our $99 New Patient Special. It includes the consultation, exam, X-rays if needed, and the report of findings. Book now!



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