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Muscle Stimulation Therapy in Brentwood

muscle stim therapy on backAre you struggling with tight muscles, chronic pain, or muscle spasms? Muscle stimulation therapy at Dohnal Chiropractic could be the solution you’ve been seeking. This common method is often used to help relieve pain and relax muscles before receiving other care, like an adjustment.

Delivering Relief and Healing

The therapy delivers electrical impulses to a specific group of muscles that are not functioning as they should. Dr. Chris attaches electrodes to the affected area and adjusts the intensity based on the patient’s tolerance level.

When the impulses go into the body, they stimulate muscle contraction. The electrical impulses also go to the nervous system, blocking pain signals from the brain to the spine. This process may also increase the production of pain-relieving endorphins.

Addressing More Than Just Pain

Muscle stimulation therapy is highly effective in helping with a variety of conditions and injuries, including

  • Tight muscles: our therapy uses electrical impulses to encourage muscle relaxation, providing relief from tightness and tension and allowing for greater mobility and flexibility
  • Chronic pain: reduces discomfort associated with chronic conditions or prolonged sitting, enhancing your overall quality of life
  • Muscle spasms: targeting the source of your muscle spasms, our therapy facilitates faster recovery and improved function, promotes relaxation, and restores mobility, allowing you to move more freely without discomfort

What to Expect During A Session

Muscle stim is usually done when the patient is reclining on our comfortable table, either on their stomach or back, depending on preference and comfort level, with some patients opting to sit. Dr. Chris may apply heat or ice to the affected area to enhance the therapeutic effects of the therapy.
Gentle electrical impulses are delivered through the electrodes on your skin. These impulses override the nervous system’s signals, prompting the muscles to relax and release tension. Sessions typically last 15 to 20 minutes, during which you’ll feel a soothing sensation as the therapy alleviates muscle tightness and discomfort.

Your Healing Journey Begins Now

Schedule a session with us today and take the first step toward a pain-free and rejuvenated body.



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